Re: Berber/Tifinagh (was: Swahili & Banthu)

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Date: Sun Nov 09 2003 - 10:48:40 EST

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    At 15:53 +0100 2003-11-09, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >I was concerned recently by some people who wanted to better write the
    >Tifinagh languages (such as Berber) with the Latin script (notably for North
    >Africa, but also in Europe due to the important North African community,
    >notably in France).

    Why? People do what they want. The Maltese have no trouble with the
    Latin script.

    >When the Tifinagh script will be standardized, it would then be interesting
    >to allow it to be rendered correctly with Latin letters and diacritic glyphs
    >on a user font preference, as it corresponds more to the now modern use of
    >the script...

    What? The Tifinagh script is not the Latin script.

    >It would have the benefit of allowing interchanges of dictionnaries and
    >texts even if they are rendered differently. It could be possible if the
    >transliteration between the historic Tifinagh script and the Latin script
    >obeys to precise presentation rules, and also possible because there does
    >not seem to exist for now a precise orthograph of Tifinagh-based languages
    >when they are written with the Latin script (and this does not facilitate
    >the exchange of information between people sharing the same language but
    >distinct conventions for the written language).

    When we encode Tifinagh we will encode Tifinagh. We will not
    meta-encode it for ease of transliteration to other scripts.

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