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Date: Sun Nov 09 2003 - 12:19:39 EST

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    On 08/11/2003 17:09, Mark Davis wrote:

    >I agree with the first part of your analysis. By the phrase "requesting ligation
    >of combining characters" it is unclear to me what you mean, and whether that is
    >the right solution to whatever problem you are referring to.
    >► शिष्यादिच्छेत्पराजयम् ◄
    A further reply to this one:

    On the bidi list Paul Nelson pointed out that in Khmer ZWJ and ZWNJ do
    not break combining sequences; or at least they do not break grapheme
    clusters, which is not quite the same thing. And the same may be true of
    Indic scripts, although in the examples I found ZWJ/ZWNJ is always at
    the end of a combining sequence. Are ZWJ and ZWNJ actually used within
    combining character sequences (or what would be such sequences if not
    technically broken)? Is there some tension here with the general
    definition of combining character sequences?

    If Khmer really does do this, and unless there are any real objections
    to this practice, perhaps the best way ahead, rather than defining a new
    COMBINING CHARACTER JOINER and changing the Khmer encoding, is to adjust
    the definition of combining character sequences to allow ZWJ, ZWNJ and
    perhaps some other suitable layout control characters to be included
    within such sequences. This would allow the Hebrew issue to be solved in
    a way analogous to the Khmer issue.

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