Re: Transliterating font

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 00:01:58 EST

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    > Got one already. Several, really. Including one I quite like, which
    > displays sort of "ligatures" for ch/gh/ng/tlh and small-caps for the
    > capital letters (plus a descending S) and two different flavors of
    > ampersand for the two "and"s in Klingon...
    > For instant transliteration, it has its moments.
    > ~mark

    I tried to make Open Type tables like that for the Zigan Trad font, but I
    did not get it working.
    How do you do the n g -> ng ligature?
    You cannot just use <liga> because n g h should become n gh, not ng h, and
    there will not yet be much support for <clig>.

    But I guess this should move to another mailing list. Which one?


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