Re: Tamil 0BB3 and 0BD7

From: Peter Jacobi (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 03:51:18 EST

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    Hi Doug, All,

    "Doug Ewell" <> wrote:
    > [..] Second, disunifying "y"
    > would cause untold mapping nightmares. [..]

    Not exactly nightmares, but the Tamil case does
    cause some mapping discomfort.

    About three out of five 7bit/8bit encodings for Tamil
    have these two Unicode codepoints unified. And at
    least one of the dis-unified ones did the dis-unification
    exactly for Unicode interoperability.

    So in effect, Unicode handling of this case, may actually
    change Tamil use - I've already seen proposals to
    a script reform dis-unifying the glyphs.

    Peter Jacobi

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