Re: Hex-byte pictures (WAS: RE: Hexadecimal digits?)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 04:10:44 EST

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    From: "Simon Butcher" <>

    > BTW, Frank also had other proposals which included the IBM 3270
    > characters I think you were referring to (poke around the directory at
    > <>)..

    I am not proposing to encode all terminal function indicators in Unicode.

    Else it would mean that we could as well standardize of those many
    icons found in toolbars of GUI applications. If these symbols appear
    in printed documentations, they are still snapshots of icons used in
    a particular program or device, and not intended to be part of
    interchanged documents...

    Even today we don't need to encode icons in plain text to make
    program documentations: we use images instead, even if they cannot
    be exhibited in plain text documents. Our modern online documentation
    uses HTML or PDF or .DOC with other embedded graphics in various
    (bitmap or vectorial) formats.

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