RE: Tamil 0BB3 and 0BD7

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 08:46:17 EST

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    Peter Jacobi wrote:

    > U+0B95 U+0BC6 U+0BB3 and
    > U+0B95 U+0BCC
    > are indistinguishable in written Tamil.

    Then there is either a true ambiguity (perhaps resolvable
    by context), or one or the other is a spelling mistake (and
    just an apparent ambiguity). Compare again Khmer, where
    the "register shift" characters sometimes can LOOK just the
    same as one of the vowels. Actually using that vowel instead
    would be a spelling mistake (or the result of a true ambiguity).

    I guess the most that can be done about this, in the Unicode
    standard, would be to add some suitable remark in the
    character charts (the NamesList file), and some explanations
    in the explanatory texts on the relevant scripts.

            /kent k

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