Re: Tamil 0BB3 and 0BD7

From: Peter Jacobi (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 11:23:40 EST

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    Hi Doug, All,

    "Doug Ewell" <> wrote in response to me:
    > > So in effect, Unicode handling of this case, may actually
    > > change Tamil use - I've already seen proposals to
    > > a script reform dis-unifying the glyphs.
    > Let's make sure we don't get started down that path. There is a Tamil
    > script reform movement, but Unicode encodes what is or was, not what may
    > be or will be.

    If you like it or not - the fact that Unicode implementation matches
    (in 0BB3/0BD7 case) or even only seem to match (all dependent
    vowels postfix) the goals of the script reform faction, is repeatedly
    used as argument pro script reform. If Tamil had been coded
    as Thai, matching actual use, that argument would be void.

    Peter Jacobi

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