Re[2]: Berber/Tifinagh (was: Swahili & Banthu)

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Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 13:42:29 EST

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    At 06:36 AM 11/10/2003, Alexander Savenkov wrote:

    > > Yes, Philippe. It is the same thing as mapping Cyrillic to ASCII
    > > letters. It is a hack. It is to be avoided. It is the Wrong Thing To
    > > Do.
    >I'm not sure I'm not taking your words out of the context, Michael.
    >"The Wrong Thing To Do" can be seen everywhere in the newspapers when
    >the names and some other words originally written in Cyrillic and
    >other scripts are letter-by-letter (mapped?) transliterated to the
    >resulting script.

    But that's transliteration *at the character level*. You are writing words
    from one language in the conventions of another language (note that this
    doesn't necessarily mean a change in script), and you are using the
    *characters* of the target language. What Michael and I are objecting to is
    representing the characters of one script in the *glyphs* of another, which
    is a hack.

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