Re: Ciphers (Was: Berber/Tifinagh)

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Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 14:23:02 EST

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    At 09:13 AM 11/10/2003, Peter Kirk wrote:

    >So, if Masonic Samaritan script texts (no intention of secrecy there, by
    >the way) should be encoded as a cipher of Latin and not with the Unicode
    >Samaritan script, does that imply that Azerbaijani Latin texts should be
    >encoded as a cipher or Azerbaijani Cyrillic and not with Unicode Latin?

    Michael didn't say that Masonic use of Samaritan should be encoded as a
    cipher of Latin. I suspect he cares as little about how Masons encode their
    texts as I do. They will have the choice, in future, whether to encode
    Samaritan as a cipher of Latin or as actual Samaritan characters. This is
    irrelevant to Unicode.

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