RE: Hexadecimal digits?

From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 14:57:00 EST

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    An important part of Ricardo Niemietz's hex digit proposal
    ( is to have columns of
    hexadecimal numbers line up properly as columns of decimal numbers do.
    This could be achieved using a font with a set of glyph variants for A-F
    with a hexadecimal property. Such a glyph variant table could be added
    to, for example, an OpenType font. Then a display engine that encounters
    a text run with the hexadecimal property could request the hexadecimal
    glyph variants. This mechanism is similar to requesting old-style
    numerals when a document so specifies. Seems like a good idea.

    As Mark and Ken have pointed out numerous times, changing other aspects
    of hex digits is fraught with compatibility problems.


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