Please help knock my FAQ into shape

From: Theodore H. Smith (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 19:56:47 EST

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    Hi list,

    I have a FAQ on Unicode, for REALbasic programmers, at

    Much of the information there, isn't stuff you are familar with,
    because its all about REALbasic.

    However, much of it is, because it is about Unicode.

    Basically, I'm hoping people can see if they find any errors, or
    unclarities in my text, or other suggestions.

    Feel free to send me long emails to my private email address (not on
    list), in fact I'd prefer personal replies.

    The biggest concern I have, is if Unicode has changed significantly
    from 3.2 to 4.0, and that my information could be out of date.

    I can't claim to be making the world's best FAQ. But I can claim to be
    trying to help REALbasic developers, Unicodify their apps, with free
    information like mine.

    I've already had some very good suggestions, like removing the URLs to
    other FAQs on the internet, and replacing them with urls to
    ;o) . Also suggestions like putting urls to the reference of where I
    got my data from!

    Thanks to all who answer.

         Theodore H. Smith - Macintosh Consultant / Contractor.
         My website: <>

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