RE: Hexadecimal digits?

From: Jill Ramonsky (
Date: Tue Nov 11 2003 - 07:42:31 EST

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    Thanks for your highly constructive email. I'd be quite happy then to
    support the addition of just one single new Unicode character then
    (instead of six) - as in your ligature idea, which above I called DIGIT
    COMBINING LIGATURE. This would seem to solve everything (pending your
    answer to my proviso).

    Actually, a PLUS TEN modifier would do the job just as well, and in
    fewer characters. So hex thirteen could be (U+0033, PLUS_TEN). (I think
    you suggested that first, but I wasn't paying close enough attention and
    missed it).

    This doesn't actually close the door to radix-64 altogether - it just
    means that digit 42 would have to be represented as (U+0032, PLUS_TEN,
    PLUS_TEN, PLUS_TEN, PLUS_TEN). I don't know if modifiers are allowed to
    combine like that, but (1) it's really only radix sixteen I'm interested
    in anyway, and (2) if it doesn't work then DIGIT COMBINING LIGATURE is
    still a good idea.


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