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Date: Tue Nov 11 2003 - 12:35:02 EST

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    On 2003.11.10, 10:46, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:

    > However, some symbols used as function indicators are now quite
    > omnipotent, and easily recognized with a well-defined meaning or
    > function.
    > Some of them are encoded in Wingdings or Webdings, but some others may
    > merit their encoding as symbols, like:
    > - the note tip,

    You mean like a yellow sticker? Or something like "paper sheet with
    folded corner"? (Hm if there is a U+2709 : ENVELOPE, why not folders and

    > - the attachment symbol ("trombonne" in French, "Bürobriefklammer" in
    > German, I don't know the term in English),

    Paper clip?

    > - the flag symbol (added by users reading lists of items, like emails
    > in an inbox folder or interesting products in a catalog for which a
    > future action is required),

    U+2690 : WHITE FLAG or U+2691 : BLACK FLAG, why not?

    > or the visual glasses (to mark interesting items)

    What about U+269E : UNMARRIED PARTNERSHIP SYMBOL as a hack to it? ;-)

    > - the dustbin ("corbeille") used to mark items without interest,

    U+267C : RECYCLED PAPER SYMBOL instead, how about it? ;-)

    > - religious symbols commonly found in newspapers in their classified
    > necrologic ads.

    I guess these are mostely encoded already, or soon to be. There are even
    pretty unusuall styff like U+2671 : EAST SYRIAC CROSS and U+2670 : WEST
    SYRIAC CROSS (lots of necrologic ads for them these days...), U+16C9 :
    RUNIC LETTER ALGIZ EOLHX for satanist burial ads, or the zoroastrian
    winged sun in the Ancient Egypt hyeroglyphs encoding proposal (I'm not
    looking that one up...).

    > more meaningful than <...> - national/regional flags and heraldic
    > symbols (for the same reason that they require their ink colors and
    > precise proportions and positioning to get their meaning).

    Good grief! No flag designs nor heraldic charges were ever encoded to
    the UCS as such! U+269C : FLEUR-DE-LIS was found suitable for encoding
    based on its in line text use (dictionaries etc.), and U+2690 : WHITE
    FLAG and U+2691 : BLACK FLAG are just diagram or map markers that must
    appear in the relevant (text) caption.

    (BTW, this vexillologist is preparing a proposal to encode a dozen of
    heraldic and vexillological symbols, but these are also used in plain
    text, they are not clipart elements...)

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