RE: Hexadecimal digits?

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Tue Nov 11 2003 - 13:49:20 EST

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    > >This is another strawman argument isn't it? Nobody on this thread
    > >has said they want monospaced alphanumerics.
    > No, but the responsibles have responded and informed the list that
    > clones of Latin letters A-F will not be entertained.
    > How 'bout we drop the discussion?

    Before dropping the discussion I would like to add that unlike digits which
    are used to express numeric values, Hexadecimal is designed to depict binary
    contents that are dependant on context. It could be just a display of
    memory contents or it could be numbers. If it is number then it is designed
    to be a form that is a shortcut for a binary formatting of the number not
    the number itself.

    Typically if we operate on hex it is only to convert to or from binary. For
    example to express a surrogate pair in hex is to display the unique binary
    aspects of the encoding not the Unicode code point or numerical value of the
    character. How about arrays of little endian integers? Are we to have
    positionally unique assignments for hex values because the digits in
    different positions have different values?


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