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From: Jim Allan (
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 18:53:20 EST

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > On 12/11/2003 12:55, Jim Allan wrote:
    >> ...
    >> As far as I can see, for example, Unifon people favor an ASCII cipher
    >> encoding over the conscript registry coding of Unifon. An IPA-based
    >> cipher encoding might be better.
    > Many biblical Hebrew users still prefer one of many ASCII or
    > ISO-8859-1 ciphers of Hebrew, complete with visual ordering, to the
    > defined Unicode script. Is that an argument for deprecating the script
    > and recognising the cipher?

    If users of any script prefer an encoding of that script other than
    Unicode and prefer an encoding which is not easily converted to Unicode
    then the situation will have to be lived with.

    If a vast preponderance of users of any script turn out to prefer a
    cipher encoding of Latin or another script to what Unicode provides then
    that situation will also have to be lived with. It might indeed end in
    Unicode recommending against use of the Unicode encoding of a specific
    script because it is not generally used.

    Jim Allan

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