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Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 08:15:42 EST

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    /Adults/ can say no (as indeed can non-adults), but /consenting/ adults
    are, by definition, adults who say yes. If they say no, they are not
    consenting. Consenting, by definition, means saying yes.

    James's statement ("any application which restricts PUA use is
    effectively precluding consenting adults from reaching and implementing
    their private agreements") is correct. If you choose to redefine the
    word "consenting" to mean "one who consents to using an application
    which restricts the PUA" then I would argue that's just a silly
    redefinition. A bit like defining a non-brothel as a place where
    consenting adults can choose /not/ to pay each other for sex. It's not
    what most of us mean by "consenting". I argue that James is correct, by
    any reasonable definition.


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    > Consenting adults can say no.

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