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Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 09:37:48 EST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote,

    > But there are several fonts in Windows and Office that still display a
    > normal question mark for this glyph ID, instead of a narrow white box as
    > expected (this may be a caveat within the system compatibility font mappings
    > with system fonts which are not TrueType but simple .FON bitmap fonts)...

    Like Peter Kirk mentioned, this can be a code page issue.

    In TrueType/OpenType, the first glyph in the font is used
    as the "missing glyph". So, if the font maker put the question
    mark as the first glyph, it would be the "missing glyph" for that
    font. But, this would be a rare case, AFAICT.

    The font specs strongly recommend that font developers use the
    narrow white box, or somthing very similar, for the missing glyph.
    But, some developers do make up some interesting alternatives,
    and, especially in older fonts with "custom" ("hack") encodings,
    the developer might not have known that the first glyph in the
    font would be used as the missing glyph. (Or the developer might
    have known but disregarded the recommendations.)

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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