Re: compatibility characters (in XML context)

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 12:57:09 EST

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    Philippe Verdy posted:

    > I thought if had (it is used in French where it is clearly a typographic
    > ligature buf handled and sorted like two letters), as opposed to the ae
    > ligature (which is typographic ligature in French, but a true letter in
    > other
    > languages).

    A strong case can be made that the _ae_ and _oe_ ligatures ought to be
    represented by the corresponding single Unicode characters in languages
    where these are considered to be letters of the alphabet and by <a, ZWJ,
    e> and <o, ZWJ, e> in languages where they are better considered as
    typographic ligatures (though with some distinction in meaning from <a,
    e> and <o, e> intended).

    But an attempt to make such a distinction would certainly fail unless it
    could be counted on that fonts almost universally would create the
    proper ligatures when ZWJ as used.

    I expect current practice will continue.

    If you want either an _ae_ or an _oe_ combination to be ligatured then
    enter the Unicode character that looks like the ligature regardless of
    its alphabetic status in the language.

    Jim Allan

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