Unicode dictionary coding? UTF8, UTF32, etc

From: Theodore H. Smith (delete@elfdata.com)
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 15:32:11 EST

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    Can someone give me some advice? If I was to write a dictionary class
    for Unicode, would I be better off writing it using a b-tree, or
    hash-bin system? Or maybe an array of pointers to arrays system?

    I suppose, that if I wanted an array of pointers to arrays, that I
    couldn't use UTF32, I could only use UTF8, right? Are there any
    advantages I could make of UTF8 having "dissallowed" character ranges,
    when writing some dictionary code?

    Is there some kind of place on the internet I should look up about
    Unicode dictionaries? I'm assuming that this matter has been dealt with
    in ICU already...

    Thanks a lot!

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