Re: compatibility characters (in XML context)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 17:06:48 EST

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    From: "John Cowan" <>
    > Philippe Verdy scripsit:
    > > Generally, XML-based interfaces will perform normalization (NFC or NFD)
    > > their input string, but they are not required to do it. However it
    > > the engine to guarantee that its outputs from canonically equivalent
    > > will also be canonically equivalent (because normalizing on input
    > > identical output).
    > XML parsers MUST NOT normalize on input.

    Of course, yes, but XML _processors_ that produce a XML result most often
    need to do it early to produce coherent results. Examples: DOM, URIs,
    ECMAScript, XML Security and signature, CSS2, XSLT...

    You make absolutely nothing with just a XML parser. You will perform some
    processing with it, and for DOM processing which is most often used on
    output you have no real choice. You have more freedom however if you use the
    more complete XML InfoSet...

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