Re: How can I input any Unicode character if I know its hexadecimal code?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Nov 15 2003 - 13:52:18 EST

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    From: "Peter Kirk" <>
    > On 15/11/2003 09:08, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > >... (also in Hebrew and Arabic
    > >for vowel points and marks which should better be entered with a logical
    > >order after the base letter, even if they produce combining sequences to
    > >application through the WM_CHAR event).
    > I'm not sure of your point here. In both Hebrew and Arabic vowel points
    > come logically after their base characters and so in the same order as
    > in Unicode - with a few insignificant exceptions. The canonical order of
    > points after any one base character is not the logical typing order, but
    > as canonically equivalent sequences are supposed to be processed the
    > same there is no need for a keyboard to ensure that it generates the
    > canonical order.

    I was refering to the fact that a keyboard that allows you to enter Hebrew
    diacritics in any order, even when they are not entered after a base letter,
    will allow users to enter text which cannot be rendered successfully. When
    you are creating a text that will later be used in a legacy encoding with
    limited support for Hebrew in fonts, a keyboard that restricts you to enter
    precombined forms (even if they are not canonical) will work better: the
    sequence of letter + diacritic is only seen in the keyboard driver or IME,
    not in the text editor that uses it.

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