Re: creating a test font w/ CJKV Extension B characters.

Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 14:40:44 EST

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    Andrew C. West wrote,

    > Using W2K and IE6, if you have a CJK-B font configured for "User Defined"
    > scripts under the "Options : Fonts" settings, and manually select the
    > for the page as "User Defined", then the second CJK-B character in each box
    > (just above the gif image) displays just fine.

    Yes. The page was downloaded and heavily tweaked off line.

    First I substituted a decimal numeric character reference for one
    of the hexadecimal entries. No dice.

    I did a couple of other tricks to no avail.

    I removed the GB character set declaration and tried to manually
    set the [View] to user defined. The page loaded again, but didn't
    display, checking the [View] showed that the page was still being
    loaded as UTF-8! Tried it again and again.

    At this point, *I* was heavily tweaked, so I didn't even try to
    insert 'x-user-defined' character set into the HTML header.
    I just went back on line and opened the page successfully with
    a different browser.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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