Re: [OT] "Www" as an internet riddle

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 17:59:32 EST

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    Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin wrote:

    > But it is not an ISP (Internet Service Provider), just an internet café
    > (a place where you have terminals connected to the web where you can
    > surf for a fee and optionally drink coffee at the same time -- no sugar
    > to keep the keeboards unsticky...). They should call these web cafés
    > really.
    > Greatest idea for a sign or logo of such a place where you *cannot*
    > access your IMAP or POP3 account: U+0040 U+20E0 ;-)

    That's OK and explicit. But such a combining mark for symbols generally
    means "forbidden" rather than "not available". It's exactly like if the
    webcafe was saying: do what you want on Internet but don't send any email,
    not because I don't have support for them and you won't have mailboxes here,
    but because it does not want to be the IP source of a message posted from a
    online webmail service (like Hotmail).

    With the same idea: <U+0040,U+20E6> AT SIGN WITH COMBINING DOUBLE VERTICAL

    This one keeps the association with currency symbols (the double stroke):
    users that wish a mailbox at the webcafe can subscribe with an additional
    fee... I think that it's a much better idea of what a webcafe should do for
    its clients, with also providing also anti-virus and anti-spam filters for
    those hosted mailboxes, which will be kept available as long as the
    subscription to the webcafe is valid...

    This webcafe could also offer IMAP and POP3 access to these subscribed
    mailboxes from remote sites, and could also resell these mailboxes online,
    as well as offering a printed mailbox for its physical visitors or fax
    redirection service or SMS notifications via GSM for messages from selected
    sources or subject keywords. With such a service, the one-character logo
    would be the AT sign with a PLUS sign overlay.

    > Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    > > Of course, you could also suggest to your friend U+02AC with a
    > > "double-u" above: <02AC, 0367, 0367>

    and SMALL LETTER U, where the diacritic letters would normaly stack on top
    of each other, above the two stacked LATIN SMALL W letters which represent
    the IPA bidental sound.

    I really don't like this bidental percussive sound. Thanks for my teeth
    (ooch!), my language does not use it! I'm just curious to know which
    language needs it for IPA, and how people really pronounce it without
    breaking their teeth or biting their tongue by accident... My mother has
    always tought to me during my childhood not to do it even if it was fun...

    > Or perhaps U+0040 U+036E U+036E...

    You mean AT SIGN with SMALL LETTER V and SMALL LETTER V, same remark. The
    effect would be like a pretty chevron sign pointing down above the arobace
    (See how Latin accents are stacked for example in Vietnamese). But I doubt
    it would mean "web only, no mail".

    > Or, even better, U+0040 U+030B U+030F... ;-)

    The effect would be like a pretty chevron above the arobace, except that it
    would point to the left.

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