RE: [OT] "Www" as an internet riddle

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 19:39:56 EST

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 23:59 +0100 2003-11-20, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > >Kenneth means here: LATIN LETTER BIDENTAL PERCUSSIVE, with
    > >and SMALL LETTER U, where the diacritic letters would normaly
    > stack on top
    > >of each other, above the two stacked LATIN SMALL W letters which
    > represent
    > >the IPA bidental sound.
    > >
    > >I really don't like this bidental percussive sound. Thanks for my teeth
    > >(ooch!), my language does not use it!
    > No language does. It is used to record "disturbed speech". If you had
    > no lips, for instance, you might approximate [b] with a bidental
    > percussive.

    :-) Waow! So people are not stupid enough to use it in a normal language.

    But even if I had no lips, I would prefer using a percussive tongue and
    palatal sound or glottal stop, or even my fingers on my palm to approximate
    a /b/, at least for my language (French) which do not use them as
    distinctive consonnantal phonemes... Also, it's quite hard to place a vowel
    with such a dental percussive sound. If someone suggested to use teeth, he
    may not have considered how harmfull this sound could be... better suggest
    something else!

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