Re: creating a test font w/ CJKV Extension B characters.

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 21:36:45 EST

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    ©ó Nov 19, 2003 7:29 PM ®É¡AFrank Yung-Fong Tang ´£¨ì¡G

    > Can you point out which document and chapter in those doc talk in those
    > document talk about what we need to do to add non-BMP charactrers?

    I don't think it's specifically addressed, but¡K

    > which of the following MacOSX font tool should be used for that
    > purpose?

    > # ftxdumperfuser

    This is the tool to use. Dump the 'cmap' table, add the surrogate
    mappings, and fuse it back in.

    John H. Jenkins

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