Style problems in MS Word 2002&2003

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 06:13:02 EST

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    I am not sure if this is a point that really involves Unicode blocks, but someone in this list might have a comment.

    In Word 2002 there is one bug that is cleared up in Word 2003 (at least in the Beta, which I have been playing with).

    In Word 2002 the Style may assign one particular font for Latin characters, but when certain Latin characters are inserted, the font switches to the Asian font even when the characters are found in the Latin font. This is now cleared up in Word 2003.

    For example if the Latin font is Times, and the Asian font is Simsun, and if the character U+01CE is inserted the font switches to Simsun, even though U+01CE is available in Times. (U+01CE is the letter a with the Chinese 3rd tone mark, a small v placed over the a). If the character is selected and the font is switched back to Times then the character is switched to the one in the Times font.

    The problem is if course not restricted to this character, or the Times font, but happens in many other situations in Word 2002.

    This bug has disappeared in Word 2003, where all Latin based characters are taken from the Latin font, as long as the character is really present in that font.

    In Word 2002 the problem extends to Greek fonts, when accented characters are inserted: in that case the font switches to Arial Unicode, even when the accented character is in the default font such as Cardo. But all this is cleared up in Word 2003.

    Raymond Mercier

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