RE: numeric properties of Nl characters in the UCD

Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 07:35:42 EST

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    > Actually, I don't understand why UnicodeData.txt has no less than
    > /three/ different fields for numerical value anyway. I mean, it's not as
    > though there exists EVEN A SINGLE CODEPOINT for which two or more of
    > these fields exist and are defined differently from each other. One
    > never sees, for example, a character for which "digit value" is 3 and
    > "numeric value" is 4. It seems to me that one single numeric field would
    > suffice.
    > You may need a second field to establish what "kind" of number this is
    > (decimal digit, whatever), but then maybe you could figure that out from
    > the general category anyway.

    That would be pretty much equivalent data. The way things are is advantageous
    for processes only interested in one of the fields, the way you suggest has an
    advantage in size. Neither seems to have a compelling advantage over the other
    to me.

    Jon Hanna
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