Re: How can I have OTF for MacOS

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 14:20:44 EST

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    On 25/11/2003 10:26, Michael Everson wrote:

    > At 09:51 -0800 2003-11-25, Peter Constable wrote:
    >> My understanding is that Word for Mac in MS Office Mac versions since
    >> Office 98 have used the same file format as Windows versions -- Word 97
    >> and later. That means that Word for Mac can read files containing any
    >> Unicode characters.
    > It doesn't work. They seem always to get converted into underscores.
    >> Input and rendering, however, are limited to legacy
    >> codepages supported by the Mac OS. Thus, e.g. you should be able to work
    >> with Chinese text (at least some Chinese characters), but you wouldn't
    >> be able to work with Ethiopic text.
    > I don't know about Chinese, but it appears that one is limited to
    > WorldScript. Word hasn't been updated for Mac OS since 2001.

    There has been a long running chorus of complaints about the lack of
    support for Hebrew and Arabic in MS Office on the Mac, which is a
    symptom of the lack of proper Unicode support. Microsoft and Apple seem
    to blame one another. It seems likely that they will both lose and the
    gain will be for U**x and OpenOffice. See for example

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