Re: numeric properties of Nl characters in the UCD

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Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 12:10:35 EST

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    > ...which brings me back to my question (which no-one's answered yet).
    > What do the properties "digit" versus "decimal digit" actually MEAN? Is
    > it possible for someone to give a PRECISE definition. I mean, it seems
    > pretty clear that "decimal digit" does NOT mean "radix ten digit"
    > (otherwise circled digit 2 would be a "decimal digit", and it isn't). I
    > can only assume that the INTENDED meaning of what is (erroneously?)
    > called "decimal digit" is "a character which is permitted to play a part
    > in a positional number system" - thus "2" is a decimal digit because it
    > can form part of the legal number "123", but circled digit 2 is not
    > because "1②3" is not a legal number. Am I even close?
    > This being so, it is possible that the (misnamed) property "decimal
    > digit" should also apply to Ewellic hex digits. They're not radix ten,
    > but that's not what "decimal digit" means anyway. They ARE capable of
    > being used in a positional number system.
    > Of course, "1²3" is not a legal number either, despite the fact that
    > superscript 2 DOES have the "decimal digit" property. Maybe the answer
    > is that "²³" can be interpretted as superscript 23, but "②③" can't be
    > interpretted as circled 23 ?
    > I am not certain on any of this, and will admit to being confused. What
    > I AM certain of is that I would like to see a formal and precise,
    > unambiguous definition of the meanings of the "decimal digit", "digit"
    > and "numeric" properties. If no such definition exsits, then I suggest
    > that one is needed.
    > Jill
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    > > Note especially the "number" fields for the hex digits: they are
    > > numeric, they are even digits, but they're not *decimal* digits.

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