Re: unicode Digest V4 #3

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 09:22:54 EST

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    I'd like to make a summary of all these letters, by using the classification
    found in the alphabets image for Azeri that you sent to the list:

    sounds (phoneme) :
        Latin 1923-1933; Latin 1933-1939;
        Cyrillic 1939(may); Cyrillic 1939(aug)-1991;
        Latin 1991 & 1992
    /b/ :
        Latin B; Latin B;
        Cyrillic BE;
        Latin B
    /g/ :
        Latin OI/GHA; Latin G;
        ~(Latin OI/GHA); ~(Latin G), then Cyrillic Ka cedilla, then Cyrillic Ka
    vertical bar;
        Latin G
    /gh/ :
        Latin G; Latin OI/GHA;
        Cyrillic Gamma; Cyrillic gamma barred;
        Latin G with caron
    /i/-big :
        Latin I; Latin I;
        Cyrillic I; Cyrillic I;
        Latin dotted I
    /i/-short :
        ~(I+retroflex hook below); ~(Latin sixth ton);
        Cyrillic soft sign "bl"; Cyrillic soft sign "bl";
        Latin dotless I
    /l/ :
        Latin L; Latin L;
        Cyrillic EL; Cyrillic EL;
        Latin L

    The approximations are noted by ~() above. But they keep the letters
    distinctions in each of the 3 periods, until there are better assignments
    for them in Unicode.

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