Punched tape (was: "Re: American English translation of character names")

From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (antonio@tuvalkin.web.pt)
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 15:05:28 EST

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    On 2003.12.19, 00:24, Carl W. Brown <cbrown@xnetinc.com> wrote:

    > Jill,
    >> I'm a programmer, and I'm older than most programmers. I'm old enough
    >> to remember punched paper tape ...
    > Yes I worked with paper tape as well. I even worked on one machine
    > that I would write programs on paper tape loops.

    Well, I'm only 34 but I did work with one of these, on a telex machine
    for terminal. I still keep some reels of tape, punched with my some of
    high school stuff.

    Anyway -- it was space for three wholes, the small whole for the tractor
    wheel, and space for four more, IIRC.

    |O OoOO |
    |O oOOO |
    | OOo O O|
    |OO oOO |
    | O o OO|
    |OO oOOOO|
    |O Oo OO |
    |O oOOOO|
    | OOo OOO|
    |O OoO |
    | OOo OOO|
    |O o OOO|

    Any bells ringing? Wouldn't this be a nice "complete" set of chars to be
    encoded, a la Braille patterns?...

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