[OT] Legacy encodings (was: Re: Chinese rod numerals)

From: Doug Ewell (dewell@adelphia.net)
Date: Sat Jan 10 2004 - 14:24:16 EST

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    Christopher Cullen wrote:

    > The earliest statement on this point is that of Liu Hui 劉徽 around AD
    > 263, who says:
    > 正筭赤負筭黑否則以邪正為異

    One of the things I like about the Unicode list is that people have, and
    use, the freedom to post in different scripts instead of “ASCII-fying”
    everything. Hopefully, one day, it will become more common to actually
    post these items *in* Unicode, instead of resorting to legacy encodings
    like Big5. I understand that the current situation, whereby e-mail
    clients choose fonts on the basis of encodings rather than character
    content, makes this difficult.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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