Re: German characters not correct in output webform

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 10:53:37 EST

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    Edward H. Trager <ehtrager at umich dot edu> wrote:

    > Given the maturity of support for Unicode in the various relevant
    > technologies(web servers, web browsers, XML, Javascript, Java, etc...)
    > and the global nature of the marketplace, it seems to me that it is
    > high time that web servers default to serving UTF-8 instead of
    > ISO-8859-1. The W3C should really stipulate UTF-8 as the default.
    > In the case of Apache, it is trivial to change the configuration file
    > to UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 (I even remember that it's around line
    > 780 something in the default configuration file distributed with
    > Apache version 2.x), but I wish it was the DEFAULT. In the case of
    > IIS (the server used for serving the form which was highlighted as
    > having the problem at the beginning of this thread), I would assume
    > that it would also not be difficult to set the configuration file, but
    > I don't have first-hand knowledge about how to do that. In any case,
    > UTF-8 should be the default for IIS and all the other servers out
    > there.

    On Apache servers, if you don't have control of the server, you can
    overcome this problem by adding a file called .htaccess to each
    directory containing HTML pages. The file must contain the following

    AddType "text/html; charset=UTF-8" html

    My Web pages were temporarily broken a few months ago when Adelphia
    "upgraded" to a new version of Apache whose config files specified the
    ISO 8859-1 default. Previously the UTF-8 declarations on my pages were
    sufficient to get the pages served correctly, but now everything is
    served as ISO 8859-1 (regardless of encoding declaration) unless an
    .htaccess file is configured as shown above. Defaulting to ISO 8859-1
    like this, when the world is moving to Unicode, is a major step backward
    in my opinion.

     -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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