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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 18:25:20 EST

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    From: "Michael Everson" <>
    > At 22:11 +0100 2004-01-15, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > >The comment from Michael about the occurence of "gW" in Breton was wrong:
    > I said I had seen it in print, which was true, and I said that it was
    > rare, which is also true. It is not standard.

    OK. Then don't say it's Breton: It may occur in any Latin language, either
    as a typo, or within specific technical usages such as variable names in a C
    or Java program where a space cannot be used to separate words; here also
    it's not the normal orthograph part of the language, but a notation to allow
    more descriptive identifiers.

    If you accept typos and technical usages, these occurences of "defective"
    capitalization rules are not rare but not part of the language.

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