UTF8 locale & shell encoding

From: Deepak Chand Rathore (deepakr@aztec.soft.net)
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 05:37:54 EST

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    i am dealing with utf-8 unicode , using functions mbstowcs( ),wcwidth(
    ),etc defined in wchar.h
    for converting wide char to utf8 & other things.
    For these functions to behave correctly , i need to set locale to xxx.UTF-8
    As solaris has en_US.UTF8 (w/o installing any extra support) , there is no
    i don't know about HP, AIX, DEC, other flavours of unix ?? (any good URL
    where i can get this information ??)
    in unix i can generate utf8 locales using localedef.
    But i am having problem especially in windows, as i can't find a locale
    supporting this.
    i tried changing windows code page to utf8 using _setmbcp(65001), but it
    didn't work
    as the functions i am using is locale dependent.
    in java, it's really easy, but i am coding in c++
    What shall i do now????

    I also want to know the shell encoding in different OS (windows & different
    flavours of unix)
    Is the shell encoding same as the default locale encoding



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