Re: Cuneiform Free Variation Selectors

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 15:07:34 EST

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    On Jan 19, 2004, at 12:14 PM, Dean Snyder wrote:

    > But now that I know that it is already part of the model for some
    > scripts
    > in Unicode and is being considered for further use, as in Han and
    > Hebrew,
    > I question whether this is the technical hair-brained, off-the-wall
    > idea
    > some have tried to make it out to be.

    It use in Han is/will be restricted to cases where a base character can
    have multiple glyphic forms which some people may want to distinguish
    in plain text. In all cases where variation selectors are being used,
    it's because the underlying *identity* of the character is constant,
    but its particular glyph cannot be determined fully by context and
    font/font settings.

    John H. Jenkins

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