Re: Chinese FVS? (was: RE: Cuneiform Free Variation Selectors)

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 17:54:25 EST

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    On Jan 19, 2004, at 3:13 PM, Mike Ayers wrote:

    >         I'm a little confused by this.  I'm sure you're not talking
    > about script variations (traditional/simplified), but I'm not sure
    > what that leaves.  Is this to deal with the variations in numerals
    > (everyday numerals vs. the special ones used for checks, etc.)?  I'm
    > just looking for a trivial example.  Should I check the archives?

    Actually, TC/SC variation *is* one of the cases it's intended to cover
    (where the two forms are related in a one-one fashion and the regular
    simplification rules are being applied). It's aimed, however, more at
    things like the ever-multiplying tortoises, or "ears-in"/"ears-out"
    variations (U+8AAA vs. U+8AAC).

    John H. Jenkins

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