Re: how to download code pages in win2k/ nt

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 12:58:32 EST

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    From: "Deepak Chand Rathore" <>
    > from where can i install different code pages in windows (2k/NT) (i want
    > access in vc++ program)??

    Look into the regional settings configuration panel, there are the options
    necesary to add support for more encodings, located on the Windows
    installation CDROM (you can install codepages, as well as support for
    complex script layout engines as a system extension, and basic fonts
    necessary to output these characters). For keyboards and IME, you can use
    the language bar settings on XP (which should install the necessary
    codepages associated to these drivers).

    On XP the codepages are installed in "%Windows%\System32\c_???.nls" files,
    with "???" replaced by the decimal representation of the codepage number (on
    3 digits at least, such as c_037.nls for code page 37).
    Some complex codepages are supported as DLLs instead of datafiles (for
    example c_g18030.dll, c_is2022.dll, c_iscii.dll). Support for codepages use
    distinct files for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and for Windows 98/ME.
    Most .nls files of about 65KB for 8-bit codepages, except those for larger
    codepages made for CJK charsets and Unicode encoding schemes: 932, 936, 949,
    950, 1361, 10001 to 10003, 10008, 20000 to 20005, 20261, 20932, 20936,
    20949, and a few other.

    I don't know if Windows supports installable codepages out of those provided
    on its installation media, or in Windows Update for corrections or for
    solving security issues. It may be part of the DDK because I did not find
    this toolkit in the Windows SDK and in MSDN. So I guess that if you can't
    find the codepage you need, you'll have to use external libraries (such as
    iconv or ICU)

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