Re: Unwanted publicity?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 08:35:03 EST

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    From: "rajesh chandrakar" <>
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    > Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 2:45 AM
    > Subject: Unwanted publicity?
    > > I was somewhat surprised to see the word Unicode on page 8 of the Metro
    > > newspaper (London, UK) today (January 28, 2004).
    > >
    > > Unfortunately it was in the middle of an article about Mydoom, where it
    > says
    > > "The message may read 'The message contains Unicode characters and has
    > been
    > > sent as a binary attachment.'" This was the only one of
    > I think the sentence "The message contains Unicode characters and has been
    > sent as a binary attachement" is a virus file comes as an attachement in
    > subject area saying "hi". I got this kind of mail twice was containing
    > virus. But I don't know about the newspaper how it has come.

    Was it in a paper speaking about the MyDoom worm currently spreading at
    incredible rate in emails (about one third all all emails in Europe are
    estimated to contain a copy of this worm, containing this sentence among
    others like "Hi"...)

    Other names of this virus are: W32/MyDoom.A, Novarg.A, Shimg.A, Mimail.R
    A variant called MyDoom.B also exists but with lower risk.

    For information about this worm, considered "High Risk", you may look at
    various anti-virus sites, including:
    - Norman Virus Control
    - Trend Micro PC-Cillin Symantec Norton Anti-Virus

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