RE: problem - non-ASCII characters on Windows command line

From: Mike Ayers (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 13:34:14 EST

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    > As I said in my earlier email, I would try the Windows
    > command line window (DOS prompt window) and
    > set it to Unicode mode via "chcp 10000".
    > I just tried this on Windows 2000, and pasting Unicode
    > characters (that are not in the OEM codepage)
    > from the character map does not work. It appears to perform a
    > conversion from Unicode to the OEM
    > codepage (and then back out).

            I see a similar thing on Win2K server.

    > My other machine has Windows XP. There, the same experiment
    > works - I can paste non-Latin-1 accented
    > Latin characters, Greek, the Euro symbol, etc.

            Win2K has good Unicode support, but XP is definitely better. I
    believe that the command shell was at least partially rewritten for XP. In
    Win2K, it is largely indistinguaishable from the NT version.

    > I have not tried this on either machine with a non-English
    > keyboard or IME.

            I just tried it on Win2K - no go.

    > I do not have other shells available on my Windows machines.

            For all intents and purposes, there are no other shells.

    > Microsoft people (and users) on the list should be able to
    > give more tips.

            I would generally advise against using non-CP1232 filenames, as many
    (most?) programs do not handle them well. Note that on my Win2K server,
    UniPad cannot open or save files with Japanese filenames, although I can
    create and edit such files easily with WordPad. I have no explanation for
    this behavior.


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