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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 05:58:53 EST

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    On 29/01/2004 09:52, Mark Davis wrote:

    >I updated the charts -- please look them over.
    >► शिष्यादिच्छेत्पराजयम् ◄
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    >>The Unicode collation charts, at
    >>, appear to 18 months out of
    >>date, ...

    Thank you, Mark. These new charts look a lot better e.g. for Greek,
    except for continued confusion at 03DE which seems to be a Mozilla 1.6
    bug (still picking up the incorrect glyph from Arial Unicode MS although
    I have specified another font for Greek).

    It does look very odd that 1D28 has been separated from the other pi's,
    1D29 from the other rho's etc. Is there a good reason for that? I know
    everyone hates the UPA (except for Uralicists presumably), but these
    letters are still clearly variants of pi and rho. The same applies to
    the Latin small caps of course - why are they collated separately at the
    first level when all other font variants are not?

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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