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Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 12:17:26 EST

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    > On 03/02/2004 11:22:54 Peter Kirk wrote:
    > >It is interesting that SIL has seen the need to include precomposed
    > >combinations with U+0321 palatalized hook and U+0322 retroflex hook.
    > >Perhaps this is because these diacritics cannot be automatically
    > >combined with their base characters.
    > Rather, it is because after discussions with various members of UTC it
    > seems that the U+0321 and U+0322 were not really intended to be used
    > productively. Cf U+01AB which has no decomposition.
    > ... Specifically, we have tried not to violate Unicode's encoding
    > principles, and believe that most of the characters we have in the PUA
    > stand a good chance of being included into Unicode at some point in
    > the future when sufficient supporting evidence is available.
    > Bob

    Thanks, Bob, for the clarification. (Although Unicode's encoding
    principles have been violated in the Hebrew alternatives recommended.) I
    have already provided offlist supporting evidence for the use of several
    letters with U+0321 style hooks, from a Russian grammar (in English)
    dated 2000 - see my posting "Pseudo-IPA characters for Russian" of 20
    Jan. Let's see if the UTC agrees to add these characters, or recommends
    combinations with U+0321.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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