RE: Panther PUA behavior

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 18:11:00 EST

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    > From: Peter Kirk []

    > >New concept: filenames where the human-readable name is a user
    > >preference depending on the individual's PUA assignments.
    > >
    > Presumably these filenames are intended only for internal use...

    > >There's progress for you.
    > >
    > It is progress when a system does what you want it to do rather than
    > deciding for you what you ought to be doing. You may not think what
    > and his colleagues were doing was very sensible, but it obviously made
    > sense to them, so what was the point of banning it?


    I was not deriding what Dean and his colleagues are doing; I was not
    trying to ban it. I was just imagining potential implications of using
    PUA characters for filenames and making a joke.

    Might we possibly find a sense of humour now? Or is my sense of humour
    too warped for others' tastes?

    Peter Constable
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