Re: Line breaking for Kanbun and Bopomofo characters

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 21:55:06 EST

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    Katsuhiko Momoi asked:

    > In Kanbun reading (classical Chinese), I always thought that these
    > characters are a part of the preceding character so that a line should
    > not break before it. For example, 0x3191 is an instruction to skip the
    > preceding character and read the next character first and then come back
    > to the preceding character.
    > Can someone on the list tell me the rationale for classifying them in
    > the "ID" class?
    > The same question for Bopomofo characters.

    Because taken by themselves there is no particular rationale for
    them to be treated (by default) any differently than ideographic
    characters (or kana).

    When used in actual Kanbun text (or Bopomofo used to annotate
    Chinese text with pronunciations), you are actually dealing with
    rich text that has an interlinear format -- more than one line
    of text elements kept in synch. Line breaking for interlinear
    text is considerably more complex than just an algorithm for
    pair determinations of break points in a single line. So it is
    basically out of scope for the specification in UAX #14.


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