Re: Devanagari Letter Short A

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 10:54:18 EST

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    Ernest Cline wrote:
    > I've been trying to make sense of the Indian scripts, but am
    > having one small difficulty. I can't seem to find the ISCII 1991
    > equivalent for U+0904 (DEVANAGARI LETTER SHORT A).

    I do not believe you'll find it there.
    U+0904 had been added to Unicode for version 4.0. In 2001.
    Search for 89-C19.

    > Is this a character that is part of the set accessed by the
    > extended code (xF0) or was this part of the ISCII 1988
    > standard that did not survive the changes to ISCII 1991?

    No and no.

    > Alternatively, does ISCII encode this as xA4 + xE0 as this
    > would seem to generate the proper glyph even tho it
    > violates the syllable grammar given in Section 8 of ISCII?

    It does not. At the very least, if you want to generate this
    character in ISCII this way, try A4 DB E0 (using INV).
    This is an ugly hack, of course.

    As an aside, in some version of ISCII (EA-ISCII, notably),
    A4 E0 is supposed to be equivalent to AD. This is the way
    the alphabet is sometimes taught to children in India.


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