Re: inconsistent behaviour in windows

From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 06:18:43 EST

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    > Is there any work around ( microsoft guys) , where all the characters retain
    > their hex values ( \x00 to \xff ) when passed to exe irrespective of the
    > system locale settings ?

    Off-the-top-of-my-head ideas:
    1. Use CreateProcessW (only an option if you can rule out 95/98/ME support)
    2. Pass escape sequences so instead of passing "UTF8.exe \x81" you pass
    "UTF8.exe \\U+81" or "UTF8.exe " or something like that (only an option
    if the program you are calling can be rewritten to interpret the escape
    sequences correctly.
    3. Pass a reference to a file, a global memory handle or some other way of
    sharing data rather than passing the data directly as a parameter.

    Neither of these are ideal, if something better occurs to me I'll let you know.

    Jon Hanna
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