Re: Devanagari Letter Short A

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 09:40:02 EST

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    From: "Aparna A. Kulkarni" <>
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    Subject: RE: Devanagari Letter Short A

    > The character U+0904 (DEVANAGARI LETTER SHORT A) is not a part of ISCII 91.
    > Neither was it encoded in any of the earlier versions of ISCII. Hence
    > according to the ISCII standard this character simply cannot be formed.
    > Aparna A. Kulkarni

    So could this character exist only for the purpose of supporting languages that
    are not covered by ISCII but that share the same Devanagari script, and is then
    needed for other countries than India?

    (Here I think about Dravidian transiptions).

    If there's no ISCII standard related to its meaning or encoding, then what is
    invalid when coding it with LETTER A then the LETTER SHORT E vowel modifier,
    possibly with an intermediate INV or other ISCII-compatible control? How would
    this break ISCII compatibility?

    Aren't there existing practices to represent LETTER SHORT A in ISCII?

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