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Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 07:52:54 EST

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    Quoting steve <>:

    > Hello,
    > To create a multilingual webiste would it be best to use UFT8 encoding?

    Using UTF-8 or UTF-16 would make a lot of things easier, given that they can
    handle the entire repetoire of Unicode directly (without the need for escape
    sequences). UTF-16 will result in smaller downloads for East Asian and Indic
    languages, UTF-8 will result in the same or smaller downloads for everything
    else. If you want to just go with one encoding throughout your site and you
    don't have an over-whelming majority of East Asian documents then I'd recommend
    go with UTF-8.

    > have noticed a lot of Japanese sites use shift-jis, why is this?

    Because it's a Japanese encoding; same reason a lot of English sites use ISO
    8859-1 or US-ASCII.

      Do all
    > browsers support unicode now?

    For small values of "all"; there are browsers out there that don't support
    anything except ISO 8859-1 and even a few that get downright confused by
    anything that isn't ASCII. Who knows, maybe there are even people using them!

    In any case, browsers that don't support UTF-8 and UTF-16 are now a very small

    Jon Hanna
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