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Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 04:18:24 EST

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    CCing to unicode mailing list because of [1] it is on topic :-)

    On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 01:09:06PM -0800, Magda Danish (Unicode) wrote:
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    > Hello and great site.
    > In short - is there a way to modify or make my own 256 character set?

    yes and no
    you can use palmfontconv to create custom fonts, but PalmOS
    does not have a way to use them - there are however extensions
    (fontacks) that can do it, but they work only for specific
    OS versions (i.e. non of them works for PalmOS 5.x, though there
    are some commercial options emerging).

    However, if you do not insist on using iSilo, but try Plucker instead,
    it can use its own grayscale fonts, and you can make them in any (8-bit
    ascii compatible) encodign you want, out of truetype or type1 fonts.

    Moreover, I just started adding unicode[1] support to Plucker, so
    perhaps in some time you would be able just pluck any document, and with
    big enough unicode font it would "just work(tm)".

    > I am working on displaying fonts on Palm OS with a program called iSilo.
    > It appears that Palm uses an Ascii Chart very similar to that used by
    > Windows (with a few PDA specific characters added). It also appears
    > that Palm is limited to 256 characters.

    in short, i18n capabilities of PalmOS are nil.

    > iSilo is a program that translates web pages into a Palm readable
    > format.

    So is Plucker :-)

    > Greek letters will not display on the Palm if you use character set 1252
    > on none at all on your web page.
    > If you set the character set to 1253 (Greek) and use Greek characters on
    > your page, the default Latin characters in those Ascii positions will be
    > displayed. In turn, if you use a custom font with Greek characters in
    > those spots - you get Greek letters on your web page and your Palm.
    > My problem is that I use arrows and other characters (such as the Male
    > and Female symbols) not on any specific Character set I have found. I
    > can make a custom font for these and the Greek letters, but need to make
    > a custom character map. Is there a way of doing this?

    yes, as said above - you just need to add your custom encoding to
    palmfontconv and generate your fonts, either to be used with a fonthack
    & iSilo, or with Plucker. Or just wait until Plucker supports unicode.

    [1] limited UCS2 - no bidi, no combining characters, no presentation

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