Supplementary characters in the Java(TM) platform

From: Norbert Lindenberg (Norbert.Lindenberg@Sun.COM)
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 13:07:15 EST

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    I know a number of you are curious about how the Java platform will
    support the supplementary characters of the Unicode standard. The JSR
    204 expert group, consisting of experts of ten companies, has today
    published the Public Review Draft of its specification at:

    - Low-level APIs use the primitive type int to represent Unicode code
    - Higher-level APIs rely on char sequences, such as String and char[],
    which are interpreted as UTF-16 sequences.
    - There are methods to easily convert between various char and code
    point based representations.
    - Supplementary characters are allowed in Java programming language

    Almost all of the specified functionality is implemented in the beta
    release of J2SE 1.5, which is available at:

    If you have comments, please send them to the official feedback address:

    You can hear more about the supplementary character support in the J2SE
    platform in session B6 of the upcoming Unicode conference:

    Sorry if you see this message twice - my posting yesterday made it into
    the digest, but not to all subscribers or into the archive.

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